Blackjack Ballroom Casino

Many players looking to play at Blackjack Ballroom Casino are spoilt for choice, as most casinos offer a wide and varied array of these kinds of slots and card games of most Canadian Online Casinos. However, why not get on over to the Microgaming powered software where in addition to multi hand, progressive, gold series and single hand Blackjack variants you will find a huge suite of other popular casino games. Play Now!

Blackjack Ballroom Casino Review

This leading casino site offers multiple deposit and withdrawal options and being a multi language and multi currency casino site you can play in any currency you choose and also set the games to play in your home language.

Twenty four hours a day customer support is offered and when you are looking for little extras their comp club is always giving such things away, keep on reading to find out why this gambling site is one of the best online casinos around where you will want to return to time and time again.

Blackjack Ballroom Mobile Casino

You may have noticed that there are quite a lot of different online casino sites available to you, and many of those casino sites offer a range of games and gaming platforms from just one single supplier. One of the very best gaming platforms you can access is the one available from Microgaming while Luxury Mobile Casino is the current version it will redirect the ballroom casino does not offer the mobile platform yet.

The Blackjack Ballroom Casino site is one such site which does utilize both the instant play and fully downloadable gaming platforms from Microgaming and as such whenever you play there you are going to have access to hundreds of high paying and great playing zodiac casino games games of every possible description and type.

As a new player at all casino sites you will of course be able to claim some form of sign up welcome bonus, and the one on offer at Blackjack Ballroom Casino did catch our eye as they are going to give you one hour free play with a no deposit bonus worth 500.00.

You will then be able to play their range of games with that no deposit bonus offer with the aim being for you to end that session with more in your account than you started to play with and by doing so you can then keep your winnings up to a certain amount as mentioned in the terms and conditions of that bonus offer, so it can be a very profitable free bonus to claim!

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Casino Player Reviews

Below we have seven different reviews which have been submitted to us by our website visitors, and as such if you want to find out how other players got on when playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino then spend a few minutes reading through each of the following player reviews!

You may be thinking of signing up to Blackjack Ballroom Casino if you like me are something of an avid Blackjack player, and if you are then I would urge you to only play their single hand Classic Blackjack game.

That game if you are able to master playing it has a house edge of 0.13% which is lower than both the multi-hand variant of that game and also every other variant on offer too, so you will stand more chance so winning when playing it.

I can honestly say that I have had more winnings sessions when playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino when playing that game that I have ever had playing different variants at other casinos, so whilst it is up to you just which variants you do decide to play, keep in mind that low house edge and make sure that you compare it to the house edges attached to other variants.

I was under the impression when I first came across Blackjack Ballroom Casino that the only games they have available were Blackjack games however that is not the case as they have hundreds of different types of games on offer.

What I like the most about playing there is that they offer a lot of ongoing promotional offers that are not only associated with Blackjack games but most of the other games available in their casino, and they do not make you wait ages to credit your bonuses too.

Just a quick word of advice though when you do claim any of their bonuses and that is to make sure the game you do want to play with your bonus credits can be played once you have claimed any of their bonuses or promotional offers as not every game can be played with bonus credits.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino Mobile

The only complaint I have if you can call it a complaint about Blackjack Ballroom Casino is that you will find that their downloadable gaming platform does seem to take up a huge amount of space on your computer.

That I suppose is hardly surprising for there are literally hundreds of different games you can play on that gaming platform, and they do come with some amazing graphics and sound effect too which I gather does take up a lot of storage space.

If you find you do not want to wait for any amount of time to download all of their games onto your computer then their instant play platform is one I like and enjoy using, which does also come with lots of different game but loads and launched instantly and you never have to download anything to use or access it either.

Loving playing the progressive slot machines at Blackjack Ballroom Casino and the slot that is currently my personal favourite is in fact not one slot but all of their Mega Moolah series of slots which all share the same jackpot pools.

I am not sure if I am just lucky when playing those slots, but I have managed to trigger the Mega Moolah feature lots of times, and have won the Minor jackpot a couple of times and the Mini jackpot lots of times too.

If you want to play some slots that do award their progressive jackpots quite often i would suggest you checkout those slots, I obviously haven't yet won either of the two highest valued jackpots, but thanks to the fact you can win them when playing for any take level I will continue playing them in the hope that one day I do manage to bag on of those two enormous jackpots!

The sign up bonus available at Blackjack Ballroom Casino give you $500 in initial free play credits, and you can play them off on any of their games in the hope you win up to $100 over and above the starting bonus they award to you.

What you need to know is that you will have to deposit $20 to then be able to transfer those winnings if you are lucky enough to achieve any winnings into your casino account and they are added to your account as bonus credits.

But whilst you will then have to play through the bonus credits a certain number of times you will then be able to keep any winnings you make off those bonus credits. So if you do manage to win $100 with their initial set of credits it will be like you getting a $100 deposit match bonus when you make your initial obligatory $20 deposit.

Got to hand it to the support team at Blackjack Ballroom Casino, they really do know their stuff. If you ever do need to contact them you can call their toll free number and they do actually work around the clock and answer the phones too, which is more than come casinos do!

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They have email support but to be honest I have found it takes them quite a while to respond to emails so I would encourage anyone needing to get in touch with them to either phone them up or use the instant chat service they also offer their players.

If you have a bad run of luck it may be worth asking the support team if you qualify for any bonuses, as they do tend to give away lots of discretionary bonuses to players and there is no harm in asking if you qualify for one!

I often play at Blackjack Ballroom Casino in the second week of each month, as not only is there usually some bonuses up for grabs at that time, but that is also when they tend to launch their new casino games too.

Those games are from Microgaming and that means they have proven to be fair and random in fact if you take a look over their website you will find details of the payout percentages and house edges that all of their games have been certified as having.

Back to the new games whilst they are mainly slot games they do all come with something unique via their bonus games usually or there themes, so if you are like me and do love nothing more than playing new slots then consider playing at this casino when they have gone live.

Do make sure you have a look over the Blackjack Ballroom website, for one thing I did find of interest when doing so is that they have a list of some of their most popular games and let you know just how much they all paid out last year.

One thing you will soon discover is that all of those games paid out large amounts in the last year which does give an indication of just how busy their casino is, and the busier the casino the bigger and better the bonuses and comps will be in my experience.

I have probably been playing at this casino for around five years now, and other than having to verify my new account when I opened it up they have always processed my winning payouts quickly, and they also always pay you by the method you have opted to use.

I have often found that when playing at Microgaming casinos the comps you can earn vary from different casino to casino, and you often will find that when you want to redeem your comp points for playing credits the exchange rate isn't what I would call generous.

The comp club scheme at Blackjack Ballroom Casino is what did initially attract me to giving them a try, for you earn comps on every single one of their games and not just selected ones which have the lowest pay backs.

Their exchange rate is fairly generous too, but one thing I like is that I am the one who chooses when to exchange my comp points for playing credits and not the casino. So if you do want a fair number of comp points when playing and want a fair exchange rate too then this is the casino for you.

I just wanted to let you and everyone know that I am one of the happy players at Blackjack Ballroom Casino who does actually appreciate the fact they are one of the faster paying casinos you will find online.

I recently won a few thousand dollars playing their video poker games and have to say that my winnings were sent it to me in just a couple of days, I was expecting the casino to take a week or so but that wasn’t the case.

If you have been ripped off playing at other casino sites or have had to wait forever to get paid out your winnings then I would suggest you give Blackjack Ballroom Casino a try, for they are part of a big group of casinos who have been in business since the 1990’s and they do have something of a solid track record too which is what you should be demanding from any casino you play at which you own hard earned money.

I just managed to turn $20 in comps into a $3000 cash out when playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino, chuffed to bits with that, which did actually make up for some recent sessions that sadly didn’t go my way.

If you want to try out playing at this casino you can play any of their games for free at any time, even if you already have a real money account and that is something I do from time to time when they have any new games I was to test out.

My winnings by the way where paid out to me without me having to jump through any hoops nor did the casino try to void them which is what some of the other poorly run casinos I have made the mistake of playing at in the past try and do when you win big, so Blackjack Ballroom Casino gets a big thumbs up from me!

I like playing Roulette and want to pass onto your website visitors a little tip of they want to play a low house edge variant, and that tip is to play the French Roulette variant on offer at my favourite casino that being Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

All of the individual betting positions payout the same odds as the European Roulette game on the French Roulette variant, but there is a special rule that comes into play whenever the zero is spun in and you have any money placed on the even money paying betting positions.

In fact, there are two rules French Roulette has; one could be that all losing even money bets stay on the betting lot when a zero is spun in for the next spin or you get half of your losing even money bets paid back out to you when zero is spun in.

Either way French Roulette has a house edge of just 1.35% on the even money paying betting positions which makes it a much better variant to play online when playing with your own money.

The standard Roulette games available at Blackjack Ballroom Casino to be perfectly honest are horrible to play for the graphics and animations are so poor that you cannot see the ball spinning around the wheel and then dropping into the winning numbered ball well.

However, they have a selection of both Gold Series and Premier Roulette games now on offer and those games are much better ones to play thanks to their highly enhanced graphics and animations.

When playing those new games you are always able to clearly see the ball in play at all times, which does make them much more enjoyable games t play online.

The only thing that I am not 100% happy about in regards to the slot games at Blackjack Ballroom Casino so that the max bet button is often too close to the spin button, and there has been a couple of times when I have accidentally clicked onto the max bet button.

That is going to be a very costly mistake to make, much more so if you have just launched the slot and the coin value setting is not one of the lowest ones on offer on the slot you have chosen to play.

I tend to now use the auto play setting to send the reels spinning me when playing any of their slots, for that way I can initially choose the stakes, pay lines and the number of coins I want to have in play on each spin and the auto play will then play them all of for me.

Not too fond of the fact that the minimum stake you can wager on most of the Blackjack games is $1.00 however I suppose it’s fair to say that you will not find table minimum stake levels that low in brick and mortar casinos.

Other than that as a regularly Blackjack player at Blackjack Ballroom Casino I do enjoy playing their many different variants of Blackjack, their Spanish Blackjack game is one I enjoy playing thanks to the bonus payout that you can win without needing to place bonus bets.

They do have a progressive Blackjack game however not too fond of that game purely down to the fact you need to place a $1.00 forced side bet when playing it, which I have found does tend to eat away at my fairly low bankroll.

As long as they keep the staking options on their video slots as low as they are now I will also be happy to play at Blackjack Ballroom Casino, I didn’t think I could win that much when playing for one cent stake levels, however I have been proven wrong many times.

I do like the way that the bonus game awarding video slots do tend to regularly award their respective bonus game, and I have often have quite a lot of different bonus games triggering on even the shortest of slot playing sessions.

One other thing I do like about their low stake video slots is that they have lots of different types of slots, some offering pick and win bonus games and some that can and do award free spins, and I have even seen several of them that award both of those types of bonus games so I do get plenty of choice when playing there.

I used to play at lots of different casinos, as I like the choice of which games I can play and also like to shop around for bonuses and promotional offers. However, I have recently made the decision of just playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

I like the fact that I have my own personal VIP Manager who will always bend over backwards to accommodate me when I fancy playing with bonuses, and there is never any hassle either when I win when using bonuses, I win and they pay.

There are plenty of different ways to not only deposit at that casino but plenty of ways to get hold of your winnings quickly, and as long as they keep on giving me this great service I will probably never need to get the urge to play anywhere else online.

I didn’t know that Blackjack Ballroom had so many unique Blackjack games when I first signed up for I thought they were just a run of the mill casino that offered a small but varied range of games. I think they have around 900 games available so I always have plenty of choice.

There are however so many different blackjack games on offer if you are a player of those type of casino card game I would urge you to find the lowest house edge games, they do offer so many single and multi-hand games always check to find out how many decks of playing cards are in each shoe.

Happy to report though that the paybacks you get when playing heir more standard variants are not going to payout odds of 6 to 5 for a winning Blackjack hand link many land based casinos now do, for they have 3 to 2 winning payouts on most of their Blackjack tables.

If you have never played at Blackjack Ballroom Casino before then be aware that they now have some multi-player slot machines available, and those games allow you to talk to other players who are playing them at the same time as you via a chat room

Those slot machines are multi stake ones too so you can pick when you first log into them the coin values you want to have in play, and one thing I love about them is that when you trigger the bonus game or another player does every other player gets to play off  that bonus game too.

They do seem to be fairly high paying slots too for I have had some decent runs of luck when playing them, so if you enjoy playing slot machines and you fancy playing something different then I can whole heartedly recommend those multi player slots to you.

There are lots of reasons why I am always happy to recommend Blackjack Ballroom Casino to my friends and family, but one of the main things I find appealing is that the payout percentages on the vast majority of their slot games are set very high.

Not only that but it doesn't matter at which coin denomination you are playing them for, the long term payout percentages do stay the same. That is something that land based brick and mortar casinos don't tend to offer for in those places the higher denomination slot machines then to have higher payout percentages.

As such if anyone does read this I would urge them to at least give some of the slot machines a try at this casino site, for those high payout percentages do ensure you get plenty of winning spins and plenty of bonus games being awarded to you too!

Play 21 : Multi Hand Blackjack

I love playing the multi hand blackjack games at Blackjack Ballroom Casino as when playing them I can pick and choose from one to five hands per game played off, and with stake levels that start at just 1.00 per hand it doesn’t cost me a fortune to play those games either.

The maximum stakes you can play for by the way are 200.00 per hand so they will be suitable for players who like playing for higher stakes that I do!

Ellie R - March 17, 2015 - Nottingham (United Kimgdom)

Low Stake Slots : Penny Slot Machines

There is no need to have to play slot games at Blackjack Ballroom Casino for high stakes for many of my favourite slots can be played for pennies, and as such I do tend to get hours of play time from my bankroll which is very important to me.

If fact, I have found that by playing for pennies you not only get lots of play time from your bankroll but plenty of bonus games can be triggered too, so make sure you do what I do and keep the stake levels low!

Rachel O - January 25, 2016 - Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

Instand Payouts : Rapid Withdrawals

I never play at any online casino site that make me wait and wait to get paid out my winnings, whilst I do not often withdrawal huge amounts of cash when I do make a withdrawal I want to be paid out rapidly, and that is something that Blackjack Ballroom Casino do.

One tip I can pass onto you is to make withdrawals by a web wallet as the winnings are sent instantly to your web wallet accounts once processed so they will always show up in that account straight away, I tend to use Neteller when making withdrawals.

Pauline K - March 5, 2015 - Ontario (Canada)

Real Chance to Win Big : Play Mega Moolah Slots !

I have something of a passion for playing progressive slot machines online for one day I am sure I am going to win one of those huge jackpots! However one of the benefits of playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino is that they have the entire suite of Mega Moolah slots from Microgaming.

I can play those Mega Moolah slots for any stake amount and still have the chance of triggering the wheel spinning bonus game that when it has been triggered is guaranteed to award you with one of four different possessive jackpots, I have won the smallest jackpot many times when playing at Canadian Online Casinos and for pennies too!

by Danny B - April 21, 2016 - München (Germany)

Jacks or Better : Generous Video Poker Pay Tables

Forget about playing at casino sites that do not have Microgaming’s range of video poker games for I have tried out many casino sites but have always found Microgaming's video poker games to have the most generous pay tables.

In fact, when playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino you are going to be able to play single hand, multi hand and even level up and progressive video poker games and as such there will be a huge range of different video poker game variants on offer to you each with high paying pay tables too.

Luxury Casino Bonus

by Reginaldo F - June 7, 2016 - London (United Kingdom)

Comp Club : Easy to Earn Comp Points

I always play at Blackjack Ballroom Casino for by doing so I know that win or lose I will always be earning their comp points on each real money casino game I play, and I have found I do tend to earn more comp points when playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

The exchange rate that Blackjack Ballroom Casino charged for turning comp points into bonus credits is also very generous too so I get more bonus credits for my accumulated comp points, so I would recommend them to every player who wants more value from their bankroll and gaming budget.

by Norris N - September 9, 2016 - Quebec City (Canada)

High Roller Casino : Play for Any Stakes

I like to play a range of different casino games at Blackjack Ballroom Casino and I always also like to change the stake levels I play those games for, and that is something that I can easily do whenever I play at Blackjack Ballroom Casino as all of their games have adjustable coin and chip levels.

So when you do decide to play there do not forget to altar the stake you play for to suit your bankroll as that way like me you will always be assured of having enjoyable but very affordable real money gaming sessions each time you play.

by Betty Y - June 20, 2016 - Rotterdam ( The Netherlands)

Blackjack Ballroom Casino Bonus

You really should be signing up to thie Online Casino today for if you do then you will be able to take advantage of a massive and complete free of charge welcome bonus that is going to give a starting balance of 500.00, then once you set forth and play any of their huge suite of casino games with that free no deposit bonus you can, after an hour’s time, keep a proportion of any winnings that you have amassed!

The site reserves the right to amend this welcome bonus at any time, however this particular one has been around for a while and it is proving to be very popular with players, so visit their website now and if it is still on offer, grab it with both hands!

Blackjack Ballroom Casino Games

You are going to be dazzled once you play at this trusted online casino for they have both a no download required version of their casino as well as a fully downloadable one, the latter named platform boasts hundreds of casino games of which there are dozens of different Blackjack games, hence why this casino is a Blackjack players paradise! Recently a new upgrade has included the mobile casino for those that want the instant gambling option on their Samsung or Iphone, tablet or any other device that is capable of playing at online casinos remotelessly.

You will find plenty of other card games, video poker games, progressive games and additional unique and novelty games so no matter what you preferred games of choice are we guarantee that when you sign up and start to play as you will find plenty of them on offer.

Popular Slots at Blackjack Ballroom Casino

Some online slot games will have been designed to be part of a series of slots, and some will have been launched as standalone slot games, but will prove to be that popular with players that they soon become the initial slot in a series of slot games.

One online casino software company who have designed and released a huge number of slot games onto their gaming platform is Microgaming, and over the years they have launched quite a number of slot games which have become part of a series of slots just like the nostalgia casino site.

Below we shall take a look at the most popular slot games in one of these series of slot that is on offer and will present to everything that you will find it offers.

It is always worth keeping in mind that when playing slot games online, especially those that are from Microgaming, you will find they boast higher than average payout percentages which should keep you spinning for longer whilst having a good chance of winning, so playing slots at Blackjack Ballroom could see you winning a small fortune!

Of all of these Power Spins slot games we like the look and feel of the Nuclear 9 slot game and we think that you will too, but to get the most from this slot then you should always put into play the Power bet option for this will add another dimension to your reel spinning action on this slot!

Having placed the Power bet side option on this Nuclear 9 slot game then you will be hoping to get a winning combination forming on any of your activated paylines, for when you do the special bonus feature then will kick in. This will first see all of your winnings achieved from that initial winning combination being added to your credit meter, and then the winning symbols that formed the winning payout will dissolve and then vanish from view.

This will result in several reel positions being empty, and as such the reel symbols above those that have vanished off the screen will drop down into the gaps, with additional reel symbols dropping into view from the top of the screen to replace the additional blanks locations.

This could and often does result in brand new winning combinations being formed., should new winning combinations formed they are paid out at x2 their usual values and those winning symbols dissolve and the process of new symbols dropping into place continues, until such a time that no new winning combinations are formed!

Luxury Casino Bonus

The minimum coin setting on this slot is 0.01 and can be set as high as 2.00, with 9 lines and 10 coins per line being able to be put into play a maximum bet spin will cost 90 coins or 120 coins when activating the Power bet feature. The jackpot is going to be awarded to you when you spin in on an activated payline five Green 9 symbols and the jackpot per coin per line wagered is worth 2500 coins.

Blackjack Ballroom is recommended Microgaming Casino

Should you just wish to see if you are actually going to enjoy playing any of the casino games then remember that they offer both a real play casino and a free play version, so for a no risk type of playing session simply log in for free where you will get unlimited credits to put their robust gaming suite through its paces.