Canadian Online Casinos

One aspect of playing at the Blackjack Ballroom Casino site that you will never want to leave to chance if whether you are going to be paid out your winnings from the casino site you have chosen to play at! As such all of the casino sites you will find listed on our website all offer players a guaranteed on time every time payout schedule.

As such when you sign up to and play at any of the Canadian casino sites that we have listed below for you then when you do have a winnings session and want to withdraw you money you will get paid  in full and in a fast way!

Zodiac Casino - The very first online casino site that we just know are always going to pay you out all of your winnings quickly and always with the very minimum of fuss is Zodiac Casino, in fact they have been one of our fully approved and top rated casino sites for many years now and we have always found they payout their winning players quickly.

Online Casino Canada

What you will also find appealing about Zodiac Casino is that they tend to have some of the best thought out and very unique promotional Canadian online casino offers and bonuses up for grabs and as such if you are the type of player who does look for additional playing value then you really should give them a try and make use of all of their new player and ongoing bonuses and promotional offers too!

Golden Tiger Casino - We just know you are going to love the look and feel of Golden Tiger Casino for they have designed their entire casinos site with an Asia theme, and they are going to give you access to some of the very highest paying casino games too, so you will always have plenty of winning opportunities when playing there!

Make sure that if you do sign up to Golden Tiger Casino that you spend some time looking through all of their many different games listed on their games menu for you are going to find plenty of fun to play and very high paying casino games, some of which even offer huge life changing progressive jackpots too!

golden tiger casino

Luxury Casino - Many casino sites will either cater for low rolling players or high rolling players, however what we have found out about Luxury Casino is that they cater for all levels of player and will always ensure each of their players get the best offers and promotions no matter how much or how little they like to gamble.

As such if you are looking for a casino site that is guaranteed to roll to the red carpet to you every single time you play and a casino site that is also going to shower you with generous promotional offers and reward all of your gaming action with comp points then make sure you sign up and play at Luxury Casino sooner rather than later!

Luxury Casino Bonus

Real Canadian Players Advice on Playing at Online Casinos

As a first time or an inexperienced online casino game player you really do need to learn how to spot a first class online casino site at which to play at, however that usually only comes with experience! However, to help you decide just which casino sites are going to be the best ones to play at below you will find feedback and suggestions sent in by experienced players.

Get Your Account Verified Quickly - One piece of advice I would pass onto anyone thinking of signing up to an online casino site is to make sure that when you have registered as a new player you at the same time send into the casino copies of your identification documents so the casino can quickly verify your account.

By doing so you will then not have to wait to get paid out whilst the casinos verifies your account if you win during your very first real money casino game playing session which is what you will have to do if you don’t get your account verified quickly! – Samantha

Pick the Bonuses Carefully - There can be some very unfair terms and conditions attached to some of the many different bonus offers that out can claim at different online casino Canada sites and as such I would always advise anyone who is thinking of claiming bonuses to always read through the terms and conditions very carefully.

If you do see anything in those terms and conditions that is not acceptable to you then never claim those bonuses for if you do claim any bonus you are always going to be bound by the terms and conditions even if they are not very fair! – Harold

Choose CAD as Your Currency - If you do want to have a hassle free gambling experience when you are playing at any online casinos and you live in Canada then you should only pick out and play at casino sites that let you play in Canadian Dollars.

What I have found it that it will be very expensive to play at casinos that force you to deposit can play and also withdraw any winnings in any other currency that Canadian Dollars and it can also take those other sites ages to pay out your winnings too, so always avoid sites that do not let you deposit, play and withdrawal in CAD! – Jasmine

Play Lots of Different Games - One thing I quickly discovered is that I do tend to have some much more profitable casino game playing sessions when I spread my money around and play lots of  different games instead of concentrating all of my playing efforts on just one game.

Therefore, my advice would be for anyone wanting to play casino games online is to do what I do and split up your bankroll so that you can play lots of different games as you may just have more winning sessions than losing one’s when you do so! – Oliver